Workstation Monitor
Arm System

An all new monitor mounting solution with increased security, positioning, and compatibility to give you the perfect view.

Rethink Your Workstation.

INOVATIV improves workflow efficiency with specialized tools that secure and consolidate essential equipment into one mobile workstation.

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Workflow designed for you.

INOVATIV workstations are more than just a cart - they’re a home base for your workflow, no matter where the job takes you. Our products are designed with premium materials and engineered to meet the demands of any location and the heaviest of payloads. Customize to your personal specifications with adjustable settings and modular accessories.      

Crafted for Success, Designed for You

Discover what sets INOVATIV above the rest.

Create a Custom Workspace

INOVATIV workstations adapt to meet the demands of any environment or profession.

INOVATIV for Enterprise

Since 2010, INOVATIV has provided workflow solutions to professionals with a demand for mobile work stations of the highest quality. We pride ourselves in excellent customer service and are here to assist you through all phases of your purchase journey for a personalized experience.

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Headquartered in Southern California, USA, INOVATIV aims to set the standard for workflow efficiency through innovative designs, premium quality products, and excellent customer service. For over a decade, INOVATIV products have become the standard for professionals in the photo, film, broadcast, live streaming, industrial, and corporate industries worldwide.