Motorized Apollo Workstation

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Workstation Size

Our heavy-duty collapsible workstation gets a boost with motorized wheels at the press of a button. The Apollo Workstation with Motorized Wheels is a fully integrated system that allows users to effortlessly move the heaviest of payloads with ease across a studio or rough saving time and your back. The handle throttle assembly powers forward and reverse movement of the two rear wheels, for up to 15 hours or 40 miles of full throttle use. The power supply is integrated into the bottom shelf drawer and provides additional power distribution. Available in both Apollo 40 and Apollo 52 sizes.

Motor Type: Brushless DC Electric Hub Motor
Sealed Design: Completely Waterproof with IP68 Connector
Battery Type: 48v / 13ah Rechargeable Battery (Removable)
Operating Time: Up to 15 hrs Full-Throttle or 40+ Miles
Charging Time: 4-5 hrs
Max Torque: 30-60 N.M. (max 80 N.M.)

About Apollo

INOVATIV's most heavy duty design, the Apollo uses our 10 in. removable EVO Wheel System and incorporates a top and bottom shelf that easily assembles without the use of tools. The Apollo is not height adjustable, but has a standard height of 40.5 in. providing you a work surface at a comfortable standing height. The shelf's are “hemmed” and compared to our traditional sheet metal shelves, the Apollo’s shelf's have been increased in thickness by 56% to support heavier loads. Additionally, the Apollo’s bottom shelf includes our first ever internal Main-Frame System, greatly increasing the carts stability and overall payload capacity.

The upright tubes are secured using our Corner Mold Lock-System that doubles as a location to mount Apollo specific accessories directly into the carts upright posts, from the top deck. These four vertical posts are 14% thicker than our standard workstation posts and have been positioned at the corners of the cart. Because of these design changes, the Apollo is the most stable and durable cart INOVATIV has produced to date.

Furthermore, the Apollo’s 4-Sided Top Shelf has a hinged front-panel that quickly transforms your top shelf into a flat working surface. Having a flat working surface, clear of an edge, greatly improves stationary workflows. Simply lift up on the front panel and lock into place with our “bolt-action” latches to keep your items safe and secure while on the move.

The Apollo uses our Pack Latch System to easily connect the top and bottom shelf's together when packed, and our integrated Skate Wheels to easily transport the workstation when in case-mode. All of these features are jammed packed into the Apollo’s design, and when packed, the Apollo is a slim 7.5 in. thick.

Motorized Apollo Workstation

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Workstation Size

  • Apollo 40
  • Apollo 52


The Apollo is a heavy-duty, fully collapsible mobile workstation gets a boost with motorized Wheels.
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