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Motorized Apollo

A powerful workstation for the toughest workflow.

From Pushing to Powering Workstations

Featuring a first-of-its-kind turnkey motorized design, the Motorized Apollo Workstation is engineered for the modern workflow. Its integrated motorized system and ergonomic design provides an efficient, strain-reducing solution for professionals to move heavy equipment across various environments.

  • Throttle Control System Motorized Apollo

    Throttle Control System

    Equipped with an intuitive throttle control system for precise maneuverability, this feature enables easy speed adjustments, ensuring smooth forward and reverse movements.

  • Hinged X-Top Motorized Apollo

    Hinged X-Top

    The ergonomic four-sided top shelf design of the Motorized Apollo includes a fold-down side for easy and comfortable keyboard access.

  • Corner Mold Lock System Motorized Apollo

    Corner Mold Lock-System

    Free up your work surface with four Corner Accessory Mounts compatible with our Monitor Mounting, Mast, and Baby Pin Systems.

  • Motorized Wheel System Motorized Apollo

    Motorized Wheel System

    This system features dual brushless motors that power the permeate wheels, outfitted with industrial-grade, rubberized foam-filled tires, and then two swivel EVO wheels for enhanced maneuverability.

  • Hydraulic Brake System Motorized Apollo

    Hydraulic Brake System

    Our proprietary Hydraulic Brake System delivers precise braking performance even at maximum payload capacity or on slopes.

  • Power Distribution Plate Motorized Apollo

    Power Distribution Plate

    The integrated Power Distribution Plate provides various outlets for charging devices, keeping your equipment powered throughout the day.

Streamlined Operations With a Turnkey Solution

The Motorized Apollo is a fully integrated, turnkey solution designed to boost operational efficiency for businesses. It comes equipped with all the essentials for streamlined operations, including a removable and rechargeable battery that provides up to 15 hours of continuous use or covers 40+ miles on a single charge, among other features.

Motorized Apollo Bottom View of Wheel System

Engineered for Tomorrow's Workspaces

Innovation is at the heart of the Motorized Apollo, which showcases a future-forward design tailored to the comprehensive needs of professional environments. Equipped with all necessary components for immediate use, this workstation stands as a testament to INOVATIV's dedication to delivering new, efficient, and accessible solutions.

Motorized Apollo Front and Side View
Motorized Apollo Throttle View on Cart

Ergonomic Equality in the Workplace

The Motorized Apollo promotes ergonomic equality, making it easier for users of all abilities to achieve their best work. Its design prioritizes accessibility, ensuring that every feature, from the intuitive throttle control to the adjustable components, contributes to a workspace where everyone can perform efficiently and comfortably.

Motorized Apollo 40 Side View
Motorized Apollo 52 Side View
Motorized Apollo 40 & 52 Side View Collapsed
Motorized Apollo 40 & 52 Bottom View
Motorized Apollo 40 & 52 Top View
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Features & Specifications

Features & Specifications

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