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Cart Workstations

INOVATIV Cart Workstations provide a secure and customizable workspace that is perfect for studio, location, and corporate campus workflows requiring mobility and organization. Built to last and designed for efficiency, the Cart Workstation is the perfect solution for a flexible workspace that can adapt to any environment.

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Motorized Apollo

Featuring a first-of-its-kind turnkey motorized design, the Motorized Apollo Workstation is engineered for the modern workflow. Its integrated motorized system and ergonomic design provides an efficient, strain-reducing solution for professionals to move heavy equipment across various environments.


Built to last and designed for customization, the Apollo mobile workstation is the perfect solution for professionals who need a spacious and sturdy workspace that can be tailored to meet their specific production demands.


The Echo with Hydraulic Brake System is a semi-collapsible workstation with a reinforced mainframe, permanent wheels for securely transporting sensitive equipment. The Echo is the perfect solution for studio, location, and corporate campus workflows that require mobility and organization.


The Deploy is a mobile workstation with up to 16U of vertical rack-mount space. Ideal for both studio and on-location use, the Deploy is fit for travel with INOVATIV’s EVO Wheel System on the front and 20" traction wheels in the rear. Integrated accessory mounts in several places allow the user to further customize their workstation. Deploy is a universal solution for safely and securely transporting rack mount gear.

Voyager Series

The Voyager mobile workstation provides a secure and adaptable workspace that can be conveniently collapsed and transported to any location. With a lightweight yet durable construction and customizable features, the Voyager is the perfect solution for a flexible workspace that can adapt to any environment.

Cart Workstations

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Apollo Workstation
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Echo Workstation
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Voyager EVO X Workstation
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Voyager NXT Workstation
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Deploy Workstation
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From $4,399.00 USD
From $4,299.00 USD
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$4,699.00 USD
Product variants
Product variantsWorkstation Size
  • Apollo 40,
  • Apollo 52
Workstation Size
  • Echo 36,
  • Echo 36 with Hydraulic Brake System,
  • Echo 48,
  • Echo 48 with Hydraulic Brake System
Workstation Size
  • Voyager 30 EVO X,
  • Voyager 36 EVO X,
  • Voyager 42 EVO X
Workstation Size
  • Voyager 36 NXT,
  • Voyager 42 NXT
Payload Capacity
Payload Capacity
1200 lb
1000 lb
400 lb or 600 lb
600 lb
600 lb
Work Surface Height
Work Surface Height
40.5 in.
37.25 in. to 47.25 in.
37.25 in. to 47.94 in.
38.75 in.
42.25 in.
Height Between Shelves
Height Between Shelves
26.75 in.
24.95 in. to 34.95 in.
24.75 in. to 34.75 in.
25 in.