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The Unifying Filmmaking Solution: Filmmakers Academy & INOVATIV Deploy Cart

The Unifying Filmmaking Solution: Filmmakers Academy & INOVATIV Deploy Cart

In our latest feature, we spotlight the INOVATIV Deploy cart, the go-to choice for industry professionals seeking organization, rack-mount capabilities and accessibility on set. Join us as Shane Hurlbut, ASC, esteemed Director of Photography and influential educator at Filmmakers Academy, shares his experience with this essential piece of equipment.

Shane Hurlbut’s Essential Gear: Inside the INOVATIV Deploy Cart

Shane Hurlbut, ASC, offers an insightful look into the INOVATIV Deploy cart, underscoring its pivotal role in his cinematography workflow. Here are the highlights:

  • Custom Power Solution: Hurlbut showcases a Power Tower he installed on the cart, providing extensive connectivity with eight Edison outlets and numerous USB ports, including USB to USB-C adapters, essential for powering various devices on set.
  • Streamlined Power Management: He values the ability to quickly power down the entire setup with a central switch, ensuring devices like monitors are safely turned off.
  • Accessibility and Control: The cart’s layout facilitates immediate access to controls like iris adjustments, critical for Hurlbut’s need to fine-tune exposure in response to changing scene conditions.
  • Strategic Storage: Delving into the cart’s drawers, Hurlbut reveals an organized storage system for tools, meters, and accessories, enabling him to maintain efficiency and self-sufficiency on set, all in one place.
  • Designed for Efficiency: Through Hurlbut's customized setup, the INOVATIV Deploy cart is portrayed as a foundational element that allows seamless workflow, highlighting the cart’s importance, adaptability and support in high-stakes filming environments.

About Filmmakers Academy

Filmmakers Academy is a premier educational platform dedicated to the art and craft of filmmaking. Known for its in-depth courses and hands-on training, the Academy empowers students to master cinematographic skills under the guidance of industry professionals. It offers a diverse range of programs covering everything from directing and cinematography to editing and production, catering to both novices and seasoned filmmakers.

At the core of Filmmakers Academy’s faculty is Shane Hurlbut, ASC, an acclaimed Director of Photography who not only contributes his extensive experience to the curriculum but also exemplifies the integration of practical tools in filmmaking. His endorsement of the INOVATIV Deploy cart as an essential asset in film production reflects the Academy's ethos of combining theoretical knowledge with practical application, ensuring students are well-equipped for the demands of the industry.

INOVATIV at the Heart of Film Production Workflows

INOVATIV carts, like the Deploy mobile workstation used by Shane Hurlbut at Filmmakers Academy, are pivotal in streamlining film production workflows. These carts serve as a unifying element, bringing together essential tools and technology to enable efficiency on set. By merging practical design with professional needs, INOVATIV ensures that filmmakers can focus on their craft, supported by reliable and adaptable equipment.

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