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INOVATIV Unveils Motorized Apollo Workstation at NAB Show 2024, Now Available for Purchase

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - Azusa, Calif. – APRIL 8, 2024 – INOVATIV announces new products and attendance for the NAB Show 2024.

INOVATIV, the California based manufacturer of premium mobile workstations carts and accessory mounting solutions announces the Motorized Apollo Workstation is now shipping and available to purchase. It will be on display at this year’s NAB Show which takes place at the Las Vegas Convention Center from April 14-17, 2024.

Introducing the Motorized Apollo Workstation

After years in the making, INOVATIV unveils the Motorized Apollo Workstation at NAB 2024. The motorized version is a first of its kind, turnkey product designed to allow users to effortlessly move payloads up to 1200 lbs.

Built upon the foundation of the original Apollo Workstation, the Motorized Apollo promotes ergonomic equality, making it easier for users of all abilities to achieve their best work. Its tool-less design prioritizes accessibility, ensuring that every feature, from the intuitive throttle control to the adjustable components, contributes to a workspace where everyone can perform efficiently and comfortably.

The Motorized Apollo Workstation comes fully equipped with a throttle at the handle to power forwards and reverse movement, hydraulic brakes for precision control, top and bottom locking drawers, flat-proof tires, battery and power distribution plate (U.S.) for accessories. INOVATIV is pleased to announce that the Motorized Apollo Workstation is nominated for Best n Show at NBA 2024.

NAB attendees can book a meeting with the INOVATIV sales team for a private demonstration in meeting room N211 by emailing sales@inovativ.com.

To learn more about the Motorized Apollo, visit https://inovativ.com/pages/motorized-apollo

To purchase the Motorized Apollo, customers may reach out to their preferred reseller in the United States, or request a quote by emailing sales@inovativ.com. 

INOVATIV Workflow Configurations At NAB (Meeting Room N211)

At the NAB Show, INOVATIV will receive attendees in a private meeting room to offer each visitor a personalized experience. The full range of INOVATIV products will be available for viewing and testing, configured to demonstrate mobile workflows across a variety of use cases and locations by professionals from DITs to photographers, sports broadcasters to educational streaming and everything in between.

Products include collapsible mobile workstations, vertical workstations, laptop workstations, and accessories for equipment, monitor, and camera mounting.

NAB attendees can book a meeting with the INOVATIV sales team for a private demonstration in meeting room N211 by emailing sales@inovativ.com.

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About INOVATIV INOVATIV - Headquartered in Southern California, USA, INOVATIV aims to set the standard for workflow efficiency through innovative designs, premium quality products, and excellent customer service. Mobile workstations, equipment carts, accessory mounting solutions, and portable laptop workstations are just a few of the many products INOVATIV has to offer. For over a decade, INOVATIV products have become the standard for professionals in the photo, film, broadcast, live streaming, industrial, and corporate industries worldwide.As an ISO 9001 Certified company, INOVATIV is dedicated to ensuring both products and services consistently exceed customer expectations through the use of certified quality management systems.

Customers can shop at INOVATIV through our international network of resellers, or at https://www.inovativ.com/