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A mobile workstation designed for secure transportation.

Unparalleled Breaking Power and Precision Control

The Echo with Hydraulic Brake System* is a semi-collapsible workstation with a reinforced mainframe, permanent wheels for securely transporting sensitive equipment. The Echo is the perfect solution for studio, location, and corporate campus workflows that require mobility and organization.

  • Ergonomic Keyboard Top Shelf

    The three-sided design of the Echo top shelf makes accessing your keyboard as comfortable as working from home.

  • Dual Combination Locking Drawers

    Drawers with combination locks securely located under both the top and bottom shelves keep workflow essential items organized and secure.

  • Height Adjustable Top Shelf

    Our SLAS system enables users to adjust their workstation height, ranging from the lowest setting of 38.25 in. to a maximum height of 48.25 in.

  • Permanently Attached EVO Wheel System

    Our pneumatic wheels are securely bolted to the lower work shelf for optimal stability. With 100% sealed bearings, you’re in for a smooth and quiet ride.

  • Hydraulic Brake System

    Choose an Echo model equipped with our proprietary Hydraulic Brake System, delivering precise braking performance even at maximum payload capacity.

  • Foot Brake System

    Ergonomic foot brakes come standard, are easily accessible, and offer stronger stopping power compared to brakes used on traditional casters.

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on Wheels

TheEcho mobile workstation is designed to reduce risks and raise confidence when transporting your equipment, even inchallengingenvironments. With its precise control and stable construction, the Echo provides a reliable foundation for your workflow, helping you navigate rugged terrain and reduce the chances of damage to your valuable gear. Trust the Echo to safely transport your payload and minimize disruptions to your work.

Features & Specifications

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Product Options
Product OptionsEcho 36, Echo 36 with Hydraulic Brake System, Echo 48, Echo 48 with Hydraulic Brake System
Work Surface Height
Work Surface Height38.25 in. to 48.25 in.
Fully Assembled
Fully Assembled39.875 in. to 49.875 in.
Height Between Shelves
Height Between Shelves21.75 in. to 31.75 in.
Weight Echo 36
Weight Echo 3693 lb
Weight Echo 48
Weight Echo 48115 lb
Payload Capacity
Payload Capacity1000 lb

*options available without Hydraulic Brake System