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INOVATIV Pro Service

Your workstation deserves excellent support and continued care over the span of your career.

We want you to treat our workstations as an extension of yourself on set. And just like you, they can require an occasional refresh to make sure they are performing at the highest level.

We invite all users of INOVATIV products to take advantage of our maintenance and repair services.

At this time, bringing your INOVATIV cart and accessories into our facility is the first step to freshening up the product. For those who live or work in the Southern California area this will be relatively easy. To our international customers, we are working on the logistics of offering this to you as well. You can consult with us as to what issues, if any, that you may be experiencing and we can decide the best course of action from there.

INOVATIV Pro Service

Available for Apollo, Voyager, Echo, and Deploy Models. Pro Service includes;

  1. Inspection of Brakes (manual and hydraulic).
  2. Hydraulic brake flush.
  3. Manual brake adjustment.
  4. Adjustment and tightening on hinge brackets, tubes and hardware.
  5. Lubricate all knobs and handles.
  6. Hand Grips are replaced.
  7. Wheels are removed and bearings cleaned.
  8. Adjust and fill air pressure to all recommended optimal operation levels.
  9. Tires, hubs, and casters are serviced and checked for proper wear.
  10. Any recalled items are replaced if necessary.
  11. Top and bottom shelf carpet is replaced.

The customer should allow 1-2 days for the Pro Service to be completed.

PRO SERVICE: $499.00 plus tax