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Meet the All-New Deploy: A Mobile Workstation with Vertical Rack-Mount

Meet the All-New Deploy: A Mobile Workstation with Vertical Rack-Mount


Our mission here at INOVATIV is reflected in our name - to innovate, to always strive for something better, to solve problems. We take pride in what we design and value the feedback from our community.
Our mobile workstations and carts are designed to make your workflow comfortable and efficient, whether you are in the studio or out in the field.
The newest version of Deploy is a result of that. We heard suggestions from many of you of ways to improve the Deploy to better suit your workflow. We thank you and are happy to introduce several changes, now part of the standard configuration.

The Design

The 2023 Deploy frame has been completely redesigned. The integrated rivnut frame design has been replaced with an all new frame structure that houses replaceable accessory bars machined from aluminum. The machined bars incorporate a series of ⅜-16 threaded holes and connect to the Deploys frame, from the outside-in, using stainless steel hardware. If at any time a threaded insert would need to be replaced, the machined bar can be easily disconnected from the frame, extracted, and replaced with a new bar. There are a total of 16 machined bars per Deploy.
While we were at it, the Deploy front and rear pull-handles were also redesigned to improve better feel and corrosion resistance properties. No longer steel, the new pull-handles are machined from aluminum, anodized, and connected using stainless steel hardware.
As for configuration, the 2023 Deploy is outfitted with collapsible side-wings, rear accessory mount for seamless connection of our INSIGHT Monitor Mounting System, (2) load handles, (2) Quick Grips, and our combo-locking bottom drawer.
INOVATIV leads with purposeful, ground-up designs that meet the needs of unique workflows. The Deploy workstation is designed with superior wheel systems, material quality, and is manufactured with processes to improve cart longevity.

Why Deploy?

The Deploy provides users with a compact, vertical and mobile workstation that holds up to 16U’s of rack mounted equipment. You’ll no longer need to separately transport a rack case, table, or cart. The Deploy condenses all equipment to one streamlined workstation, reducing trips to the truck and on-set during location moves.
Greater efficiency results in accuracy and confidence at work. At the end of the day, we design workflows for you. 

Use Cases

As virtual workflows become standard across different industries, more people will need to safely and securely transport rack-mount specific equipment.
The Deploy vertical workstations is a great fit for Digital Imaging Techs, Sound Engineers, Colorists, Lighting Technicians, Broadcast Studios, Ecomm Studios, Virtual Stages, Corporate Mobile-Insert Studios, even Healthcare professionals that require a mobile cart to house and centralize their servers.
INOVATIV manufactures a variety of accessories compatible with the Deploy, but the vast array of mourning points allows for users to bring their favorite 3rd party gear into the ecosystem as well.