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Why We Love the Deploy

Why We Love the Deploy

The Deploy is INOVATIV’s vertical network rack cart workstation. Designed for digital imaging technicians (DITs), this small-footprint cart workstation has all the internal rack mounting space you need and doesn’t sacrifice on working space.

In 2023, we updated the Deploy to make it more functional and comfortable to use than ever. Here’s what users love about this model:

What’s So Special About the Deploy?

Internal Rack Mounting Space

The Deploy has 16u x 21.125 in. of internal rack mounting space. That’s plenty of room for equipment like your battery back up, tower, and everything else you need to get the job done.

The Deploy Comes With a Double Work Area

You don’t have to choose between a small footprint and large workspace. This cart workstation comes with foldable side wings that provide an additional 24 inches of workspace. When it’s time to move your workstation through a narrow doorway, you can just fold in the wings to make everything fit.

When the side wings are extended, you have a 45.125” x 21.125” working surface. When they’re folded, you have a 21.25” x 21.125” working surface that fits through doorways. The aluminum top surface of the 2023 Deploy is equipped with a 2.5” cable passthrough hole for superior cable management.

Vertical Design

The INOVATIV Deploy is designed to fit in narrow spaces while still providing all the working space you need.

The Deploy features a unique rack mount vertical design. It’s narrow enough to fit through narrow halls, entryways, and elevators. If you’re worried about moving your workstation around indoors, this is the cart workstation you need.

Strength and Mobility

The Deploy comes with the same fantastic wheel system as the Voyager EVO X, which includes swivel wheels with foot brakes. The 20” rear wheels improve mobility over curbs, cables, and stairs. This cart workstation is also strong, with a payload capacity of 600 lbs. 

Designed By DITs

The Deploy cart workstation was designed to meet the needs of DITs and other highly technical users. This cart workstation features a smaller footprint, lighter weight, and more maneuverability than you’ll find in other vertical workstations, plus plenty of equipment mounting options.

Other Features About the Deploy Worth Mentioning

Bottom Drawer

The Deploy has a lower rear, combo-locking drawer so you can keep your equipment secure and organized.

Rear Accessory Mounts

The 2023 Deploy comes with multiple accessory mounts on the rear of the workstation. These mounts make it easy to set up your monitor and other accessories without expanding your workstation’s footprint. Rear Accessory Mounts provide easy connection to INSIGHT Monitor Mount Systems or Two-Stage Risers. A Rear Crossbar supplies additional 3/8"-16 mounting points for accessories like Cable Hooks.

Extra Accessory Mounting Points

The 2023 Deploy features more accessory mounting points than ever. We created an entirely new frame with 16 internal (and replaceable) machined bars, giving you a total of 38 integrated 3/8"-16 threaded mounting points for accessory mounting. A Center Mast Bracket lets users mount accessories like the Two-Stage Riser in the middle of the Deploy. There are also Load Handles that can be mounted to any of the frame’s 38 mounting points. The Deploy is compatible with industry-standard 19” rack-mounted systems.

Removable Side Panels

The Deploy has four aluminum side panels to keep dust from coming inside your workstation. They’re removable, which means you still have easy access to all the rack mounted components inside if you need to adjust something.

Improved Comfort on the 2023 Model

The 2023 Deploy has new aluminum Pull Handles for improved comfort. We also have height adjustable Quick Grips with 360° of rotation for your comfort and ease of use.

Simplified Transportation and Storage

The 2023 Deploy frame separates in half for simplified transportation and storage. Four removable aluminum side panels protect the inside of the workstation and still allow easy access to internal rack-mounted components. 

The Deploy is Easy to Assemble

Like other INOVATIV carts, the Deploy is built for tool-free assembly. We make it easy to set up your workstation in minutes and pack it back down at the end of the day. The turnkey configuration allows users to get started from the moment Deploy is unboxed.

Where to Get the Deploy

You can buy and configure your Deploy on the INOVATIV website, as well as from a variety of partners around the globe. 

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