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Meet the INOVATIV Motorized Apollo

A 40 inch and 52 inch Motorized Apollo side-by-side.


A Logical Step in Workspace Innovation

In the fast-paced world of film and photography, efficiency and ease of use are not just conveniences, they are necessities. That is why at INOVATIV, we’ve taken a significant leap forward with our latest innovation: the Motorized Apollo. It is an impactful enhancement to our current workstation—the Apollo—and represents a refined solution for professionals to improve their workstation efficiency with motorized technology, ensuring effortless mobility and handling.

Capturing the Journey

The Motorized Apollo’s story is driven by user experience and feedback. From initial concept to the final release, each step of the journey has been shaped by the voices of users who rely on our workstations daily, and guided by our commitment to meet the needs within our community.

Motorized Apollo center stage at the NAB tradeshow.
The User Experience
Our journey began with the real-world experiences of professionals who frequently faced the physical challenges working in dynamic environments. A recurring issue was the immense strain of manually transporting heavy equipment. This was particularly evident with our Apollo workstation, known for its massive 1200 lbs payload capacity. The potential to carry such heavy payloads made the Apollo the prime candidate for motorization. The Motorized Apollo was thus conceived with a dual purpose: to significantly alleviate the physical stress of transporting heavy gear and to ensure our users could utilize its full payload capacity with ease. By motorizing the Apollo, we knew we would be directly addressing the needs of our users, prioritizing their health, safety, and efficiency in the field.

From Concept to Prototype
Armed with this crucial feedback, our design team faced a definitive challenge: how could we adapt INOVATIV’s heavy-duty Apollo to alleviate the physical strain experienced by professionals in demanding environments? The answer lay in motorization. Our goal became sharply focused—to reimagine the Apollo as a dynamic, motorized workstation.

Demonstrating the Motorized Wheel System
At NAB and CineGear 2023, we showcased the Motorized Wheel System prototype, designed in collaboration with Make Your Cart Go. This prototype served as the first iteration of a fully-integrated, motorized system for the Apollo. Many got to experience this first-hand, which helped us increase our insight on the Motorized Wheel System to ensure that it not only met but exceeded professional expectations.

Throttle of the Motorized Apollo with Help from Make Your Cart Go

Final Release — The Motorized Apollo
Now, the Motorized Apollo steps out in its enhanced form, expanding upon its first introduction at industry events. For instance, a key feature we honed in on was the Hydraulic Brake System. Understanding the challenge of halting the full momentum of up to 1200 lbs, especially on inclines, we designed this system to ensure a safe and controlled stop, no matter the load or terrain. Such important additions are steps we’ve taken to ensure the Motorized Apollo encompasses everything it needs to be, embodying the epitome of our innovative spirit and user-centric design.


A Closer Look at Its Capabilities

You might be wondering what makes this advanced version of the Apollo so capable to begin with. This section highlights the essential features that make the Motorized Apollo advantageous for its users.

Payload Capacity: The Motorized Apollo leads the pack with an impressive payload capacity of 1200 lbs. It’s designed to handle heavy equipment effortlessly, making it a must-have for professionals who regularly work with large, critical gear.

Advanced Hydraulic Brake System:
Safety is paramount, and the Apollo’s Hydraulic Disc Brake System ensures a smooth and controlled stop, even when managing the full 1200 lbs of momentum, giving you peace of mind even when transporting heavy loads or climbing steep inclines.

Hydraulic Brake System on Apollo

Terrain Mastery: Whether it’s studio lots, campus pathways, or rugged outdoor settings, the Motorized Apollo conquers them all. Its motorized system allows you to navigate various terrains with ease.

Durable & Weather-Resistant Build: Constructed from corrosion-resistant 6061 T6 aluminum and stainless steel, the Apollo is built to last. The waterproof design of the Motorized Wheel System ensures reliability in all weather conditions.

High-Capacity Battery Life: The system offers up to 15 hours or 40 miles of operation on a single charge, meaning you can work longer without worrying about power.
Battery for the Motorized Apollo
Integrated Power Distribution Plate: Keeping your gear and accessories charged is effortless with the Integrated Power Distribution Plate, featuring multiple USB and Type B electrical sockets. The convenience of on-the-go charging further improves workplace mobility.

Power Distribution Plate on the Motorized Apollo

Seamless Upgrade Path: For existing Apollo users, upgrading to the motorized version is straightforward. The integration is designed to be user-friendly and hassle-free. See below for more information on this transition.


The key features of the Motorized Apollo are born out of a deep understanding of what professionals truly need in a motorized workstation. With these core functions in mind, we sought to create a practical, user-driven solution that genuinely makes a difference at the end of the day.


For a comprehensive look at how each element of the Motorized Apollo caters to the essentials of professional work, please visit our detailed specifications page linked below.

Explore the Complete Specifications of the Motorized Apollo


Upgrading Made Simple For Existing Apollo Users

After learning about the features of the Motorized Apollo, you might be wondering about the transition process for upgrading, especially if you are already an Apollo cart owner. We’ve made sure to keep this upgrade process as smooth and effortless as the Motorized Apollo’s performance. Take a look at the process below.

 From Original Apollo Upgrading to the Motorized Apollo 

The Upgrade Process

Acquiring the Motorized Upgrade for Apollo: The first step in your upgrade is purchasing only the Motorized Upgrade designed for the Apollo series. This component is the cornerstone of the transformation.

Simple Swapping of Components: Once your new Motorized Upgrade for the Apollo is acquired, the full modification requires a straightforward swap of the Top Shelf from your existing Apollo to your new motorized base. And that’s it, you are done!

Dedicated Support: Still having trouble? We have you covered! Our customer support team is always on hand to assist you through the upgrade process, ensuring your smooth transition to the Motorized Apollo system.

Contact Support Team


Connect With INOVATIV and Experience It Yourself 

The Motorized Apollo arises from a concern we wanted to solve—making the transportation of heavy, priceless gear easier while also prioritizing your health and safety. We pride on making our systems easy to integrate into your professional workflow and want that difference to be noticed right away. To learn more about how the Motorized Apollo can achieve this for you, and for a detailed overview of its capabilities, our dedicated sales team is ready to help! Contact them today.

The Motorized Apollo is exclusively available through our sales team, ensuring you receive personalized attention and service tailored to your specific needs.

Contact Sales for Personalized Assistance


For a closer look at the Motorized Apollo and to understand its full range of features, visit our product page. Here, you will find comprehensive information that will help you make an informed decision about integrating this advanced system into your professional toolkit.

Visit the Motorized Apollo Product Page