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The Quick Guide to Setting Up Your First DIT Cart

The Quick Guide to Setting Up Your First DIT Cart

The best movies transport you to another world. The magnificent vistas, the dark and dramatic streets, the bright desert dunes, and even fluorescent lit offices are all presented to us so we feel we are there, in the movie, along with the characters. 

It is not easy keeping all of those shots consistent in color, tone and feel. This is even more difficult when you have multiple cameras and changing lighting conditions. The Director relies on the Cinematographer, or Director Of Photography, to create the look, feel, color and tone for the scenes and keep them consistent throughout the production. DPs in turn rely on the DIT, or Digital Imaging Technician for monitoring the technical aspects of filming any given scene.

The DIT is key to keeping the consistency, quality and workflow of the production to the highest levels. It takes specialized, expensive gear and talent to be a DIT. With so much to keep track of during a shoot, it is important to have a reliable workstation that can safely and securely house your necessary gear.

As a DIT, workflow is everything. Staying on top of your data and footage is only possible by staying organized and efficient. When making your workflow expert, your first consideration is finding a secure and portable way to manage your digital equipment on set. For many DITs, a studio DIT cart workstation is the perfect way to organize and present your equipment.

Here are some things to look for in a basic DIT cart, plus some suggestions for add-ons you might find useful.

Why Do You Need a DIT Cart?

If you are a digital imaging technician, you likely use (or will eventually need to use) a DIT cart to maintain your workflow and keep all of your equipment at hand. These cart workstations support all the tools and technology you need to control image quality, apply color grades on set, troubleshoot imaging problems, manage files, and otherwise perform effectively throughout the production process.

Depending on what you’re doing, your DIT cart might hold your camera(s), computer, monitors, data management tools, battery backup, and any other equipment you plan to use during production. The cart keeps all of this equipment secure and within easy reach so you can use it efficiently when you need it.

DIT Cart Must-Haves

dit cart

Every DIT cart is different, and it’s hard to say which specific features you will need without knowing more about your workflow and the kinds of projects you plan to work on. However, nearly all DIT carts should have:

  • At least one monitor mount
  • Space and storage for computer equipment
  • Space for comfortable keyboard access
  • Cable management
  • Space for rack mount cases
  • A easily accessible, ergonomic working surface
  • A premium brake system
  • A robust payload capacity to hold your equipment

Before buying a DIT cart, make sure it has a dedicated space or mounting system for all the equipment you use. You don’t want to end up dragging around your laptop or empty cases in addition to the DIT cart just because it didn’t fit anywhere.

We usually recommend that DITs choose a cart workstation that is compatible with plenty of different accessories and mounting systems, even if you don’t need those accessories at the moment. That way, your equipment is future proofed for flexibility, as you can add on what you need as you need it.

Additional DIT Cart Options

dit cart

There are many ways to upgrade or add onto a basic DIT cart, and some of these upgrades can have a substantial impact on the workflow for certain jobs. Depending on what you plan to do, you may want to look for a DIT cart with:

  • Accessory mounting options for flexibility when your workflow changes
  • Additional monitor mounts or the option to add them
  • A large, organized working surface
  • A height-adjustable shelf that suits your equipment
  • A payload capacity that supports your equipment needs now and in the future.

To get an idea of the different options for your DIT cart, check out our Learn page to explore cart base models and see some of the accessories they are compatible with.


INOVATIV has a reputation for building the most advanced, high-performing workstation carts on the market for DITs and other professionals. Our carts are designed to allow you to flexibly attach all the equipment you may need, protect your valuable equipment, and travel with ease.

We have two workstation cart models we often recommend to DITs: the Echo and the Deploy. The Echo is INOVATIV’s was created specifically for DIT studio work. The Deploy is a more technical option designed by a DIT for those who need a mobile workstation with integrated rack-mount solutions.

Ready to learn more about DIT cart models? Check out our Learn Page!