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Why We Love the Apollo

Why We Love the Apollo

The Apollo stands out as our heavy-duty mobile workstation. Among all our workstation models, the INOVATIV Apollo boasts the highest payload capacity and the largest working surface. Despite its size, it remains portable and offers significant stopping power. We liken the Apollo to a tank on set, and here's why it might be the perfect choice for your camera, production, grip cart, mobile workstation, or utility cart needs.

What Makes INOVATIV's Apollo Stand Out?

Durability with Heavy Equipment

Aidan Kelly, a long-time user, shares his experience, highlighting the cart's resilience:

“[I] have owned this cart for over a year now it’s been used non-stop carrying heavy equipment such as our batteries and camera gear every day. It has not missed a beat and it still feels stiff and rigid as the day we bought it.” 
–Aidan Kelly

the apollo workstation by INOVATIV

The Apollo cart workstation can support up to 1200 lbs, thanks to its incredibly sturdy internal mainframe, making it the most robust mobile workstation available. This model also features four accessory corner mounts, allowing for direct equipment installation, which further customizes the cart to your needs. Echoing this sentiment, Dennis Scully, a professional photographer and cinematographer, remarks on the cart's solid construction:

“This Apollo is a dream. I’ve been an INOVATIV owner for years and this is one of the most solid well built units I’ve had the pleasure to work from... Right and stable even when loaded with heavy gear and cases and cameras staged on the ends.”
–Dennis Scully

The Apollo's shelves are 56% thicker than those of INOVATIV’s other workstations, offering superior support for heavy items. Moreover, the shelving system assembles easily without the need for tools. The workstation also features extra-sturdy vertical posts that are 14% thicker than those on other models, mounted at the cart's widest points to enhance stability and durability.

Ergonomics for Laptop and Camera Operation

Aidan Kelly again praises the Apollo, this time for its ergonomic design:

“I also love the fold down top shelf just makes working on a laptop or camera operating such a comfortable experience it’s one of my favourite features that doesn’t exists on many carts.”
–Aidan Kelly

top shelf of the apollo opening up for accessibility

The Apollo includes a top shelf that flips down, providing ergonomic access to keyboards. Designed with user comfort in mind, this feature takes laptop and keyboard work into consideration, enhancing productivity. Additionally, the cart offers expanded storage options, including optional combo locking top and bottom drawers, to keep equipment out of the way.

Smooth Wheels with Premium Braking System

Dennis Scully appreciates the smooth mobility and functionality of the Apollo, stating:

“Nothing rolls better than an INOVATIV cart. The Smoothest rolling carts in the business. Confidence inspiring and very functional features that add to professionalism on set or location!”
–Dennis Scully

the evo wheel system of the apollo workstation

Wheels play a crucial role in the functionality of a workstation cart. The Apollo features removable 10-inch pneumatic wheels with 100% sealed bearings and an aluminum design for a smooth, quiet ride. A premium foot braking system ensures control and stability, preventing the workstation from rolling away unexpectedly. A verified buyer shares his enthusiasm for the Apollo's ease of movement, especially in challenging locations:

“The Apollo 52 is so smooth and strong! It has absolutely changed how we are able to move in and out of different locations. With the huge wheels, outdoor locations are no longer a struggle when it comes to maneuvering around.”
–Daniel, Verified Buyer on B&H

Additional Features of the Apollo

Compatibility With Accessories

Customizing your Apollo with accessories is straightforward, allowing you to optimize your workstation according to your workflow. Options include monitor arms, umbrella clamps for shading monitors, cable hooks, and much more.


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show the apollo workstation fully packed into case mode

Easy to Pack

The Apollo's design facilitates easy packing and transportation. Its posts allow for secure latching to production truck walls, and the keyboard tray stows away for convenient loading and unloading. While designed for durability, the Apollo remains portable and packing-friendly, measuring less than 7.5” thick when packed into its case-mode.

Acquiring the INOVATIV Apollo
The INOVATIV Apollo is available for purchase and configuration on the INOVATIV website, as well as through various global partners. Ready to transform your workflow? Choose your size and order your new workstation today.

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