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Why We Love AXIS Systems

Why We Love AXIS Systems

If you’re looking for a workstation flexible enough to meet multiple team member’s needs, AXIS is the solution for you. With AXIS, you can clamp as few or as many components as you need to a pole up to 2 inches in diameter.
AXIS is our most versatile workstation of all. It’s a great solution for camera operators, DITs, photographers, and more.

Here’s why users love AXIS systems:

What’s So Special About AXIS Systems?

Access From All Sides

This workstation has no front or back! You have 360 degree access to everything, so you can access your workflow from any angle.

Completely Modular

AXIS lets you add on what you need and leave off what you don’t. You can set up and customize your workstation based on your unique needs.
We have designed AXIS components for a wide variety of roles, including camera operators, digital techs, photographers, focus pullers, and more. Whatever components you need, you can add.

Maximum Flexibility

With its modular design, AXIS is easy to set up and break down in different ways. When you have a team that needs several different workflow configurations for monitors, computers, and other equipment, AXIS makes it easy.
The AXIS stand comes with more tube space to give you plenty of height flexibility. We also have a leveling leg so you can adjust the stand’s center of gravity if needed.

Connects to Almost Any Studio Stand

Each component of AXIS Systems is designed to clamp securely to any stand, as long as it’s no more than 2 inches in diameter. It’s easy to start building your workstation with what you have.
The AXIS series also connects with our V-drop and Convi clamps. You can secure your AXIS components with ease.


“I have never seen anything so efficient. Something so robust, collapses down into THE smallest footprint.”
—Chris Grubisa

All of the modular components can be set up or taken down quickly. That helps a lot when it’s time to pack down your workstation and take your equipment to the next job!

Other Features Worth Mentioning

Offset Wheel System For Stability

The 8-inch AXIS wheels are custom engineered to give you exceptional stability and mobility. They are designed to offset the center of gravity by 3 inches to give you increased stability. Our wheels come complete with an ergonomic foot braking system.


“Easy for loading, and easy to drive around set all day. I absolutely would recommend.”
—Chris Grubisa

Low Cost of Entry

AXIS is one of our more affordable workstation solutions for many users. You can buy our Base Station, which includes a stand, wheel system, trough, weight hanger, weight bag, and pro monitor mount, for $2,599. You can also buy each component separately or add extra components.

Where to Get an AXIS System

“This has been game changing for us when needing a DIT station, a place to put our gear, and having a place for video village that is also portable. A must have for your studio or on shoot locations!”
—Chris Ray
You can buy an AXIS Base Station, a full Command Station for heavier workflows, or any of the components separately. It’s all available on the INOVATIV website, as well as from a variety of partners around the globe.
Ready to buy? Choose your components and order your new workstation today. An INOVATIV AXIS system could transform your workflow and change your life.

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