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Design DNA: 12 Years of INOVATIV Workstations

Design DNA: 12 Years of INOVATIV Workstations

INOVATIV's founder, CEO, and Head of Design, Patrick Blewett, sits down to discuss how the simple desire to design a better workstation revolutionized the lives of those working in the entertainment industry today.

Founded on Design

The reason why design is such an integral part of this company is because there wasn't a product 10 years ago that I could use to transport really expensive equipment around set. The only option that I had, a utility cart which was a dolly to take your trash cans out. That was the reason for creating a company that designed this product and built this product for the purpose of improving people's life on set.

Streamlining Workflow

From the very beginning there was this tool-less design, this tool-less idea, so that you could be completely confident in your own cart and yourself. Obviously, the carts are tables with wheels on them and they have certain functions. But when you add accessory components and you expand on that, instantly you have a workstation. You have something that's an ecosystem of accessories. There's a moment in the process where a light bulb goes off, and it's like, that's it. That's the product. That is gonna change lives.

Built to Last

Our products are made of absolute premium products, and made here in the US. 10 inch tires, bearings, our own brakes, our own bearing housings, sealed from all the types of different environments. The most important was brakes. Something that actually, when you put the brake down, you have confidence that that workstation gonna to sit there, and it's not gonna roll away from you. Everything having markings on them, tubes being laser etched, is to provide the customer with very hands on, easy understanding of how the product should be used.
The other part to evolving and growing and the future at itself is really what other markets can utilize our product in the same way that entertainment has? Because it's not just about the one product. It's about all the products that we can design, and we can build, and stay true to the name, INOVATIV.
Setting out to do this 12 years ago, it was just design a cart. That's all it was. And now, it's something so much more significant. It has changed people's lives on set. I never would've thought a cart would have as much impact that it has to this day.