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Why We Love the Voyager NXT

Why We Love the Voyager NXT

The Voyager NXT is INOVATIV’s essential packable cart workstation. It’s slightly heavier than the EVO X due to an incredibly robust steel wheel system, and it comes equipped with a non-height adjustable, standard 4-sided top shelf. 

What's not to love? You’ll get the durability, portability, and function synonymous with all INOVATIV cart workstations, while saving a few bucks in the process.

What’s So Special About INOVATIV’s Voyager NXT?

Voyager NXT


“The Voyager NXT is a rock-solid cart for me. I love how it collapses down for easy transport and fits In the back of my SUV with ease…The Voyager has been a game-changer for me.”

–Von Ware, DP/Director

Like other INOVATIV workstation carts, the Voyager NXT moves with ease around set. And with its removable wheels and extremely compact design, the NXT has the ability to pack down, small enough to fit in the back of your compact car, or be transported by plane.

Quick Setup

“This thing sets up quickly and robustly and has changed my workflow substantially.

Instead of bringing in cases and setting up on location, I prepare most of my gear at my truck and then just wheel it in and set things up. I can bring more lights, stands, and gear with less custom cases and less hands. This cart has a 600lb weight limit, but makes any load pretty simple to push.”

–Shaun H., Verified Purchaser on Adorama

The Voyager NXT is designed to make setting up for projects as easy and fast as possible. You won’t need to carry around nearly as many equipment cases – everything can be quickly set up on your cart workstation and wheeled in together. 

At INOVATIV, it’s our goal to improve your workflow. We’ve worked to create a system that saves you time so you can do more of what you care about. As a bonus, assembly is tool-free.

Sleek Design and Build Quality

“The high build quality and sleek design keep me looking professional and organized on all of my projects.”

–Von Ware, DP/Director

Sleek, clever, and durable design is an essential part of INOVATIV’s product design. The Voyager NXT is constructed with premium 5052 and 6061 Aluminum, 40% Glass Filled Nylon Corners and Hinge Brackets, and Stainless Steel hardware. It’s built to be strong, secure, portable, and durable.

Other Features Worth Mentioning

Voyager NXT

Wheels With Brakes

Users have said they love the brakes on INOVATIV’s wheel systems, and the brake system on the Voyager NXT is no different. The brakes give you great confidence in knowing that your equipment will be safe, no matter the incline, decline, or environment that you’re in.

The NXT Wheels are easily removable. They are manufactured using steel (the EVO X uses lightweight aluminum instead), and they feature unsealed bearings and 10 inch pneumatic tires for a quiet and smooth ride.

Compatibility With Accessories

There are so many ways to customize and add onto your Voyager NXT! You can improve your workflow and equipment setup with monitor arms, umbrella clamps, cable hooks, and so much more.

High Payload Capacity

The Voyager NXT has a payload capacity of 600 lbs. That means you can carry all the gear you need, and then some.


“I chose to save $1000 and get the NXT instead of the EVO which would have shaved ~30lbs. For me, the $1000 savings was worth the weight (get it?).”

–Shaun H., Verified Purchaser on Adorama

The Voyager NXT is an especially good choice for price-conscious buyers who might have otherwise considered the EVO X.  If weight is not a major factor for you, but if price is top of mind, the NXT is the cart workstation for you.

Where to Get the Voyager NXT

“Best cart ever , it's expensive but worth it - it's a priceless tool”

–Quinn b., Verified Purchaser and reviewer on Adorama

You can buy and configure your Voyager NXT on the INOVATIV website, as well as from a variety of partners around the globe. 

Ready to buy? Choose your size and order your new cart workstation today. An INOVATIV cart could transform your workflow and change your life.

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