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8 Qualities to Look For in a Mobile Cart Workstation

8 Qualities to Look For in a Mobile Cart Workstation

In the past few decades, mobile cart workstations have evolved quite a bit. As users’ needs and tools have changed, manufacturers have developed new configurations and add-ons to improve users’ workflows.

Here are some features and qualities to seek out for your DIT cart, sound cart, or other type of mobile cart workstation.

1. Durability

Your mobile cart workstation is going to hold all your computers, monitors, photography equipment, and whatever else you need. With all of that equipment on the line, you need something sturdy and steady that will stand the test of time.
Before you buy a cart, you may want to check that the brand has a reputation for sturdy, high-quality construction. This is not the kind of product where you can afford to cut corners.

2. Capacity for All Your Equipment

The advantage of a mobile cart workstation is that it serves as your base of operations wherever you go. You don’t want to be constantly running back and forth to your car to get a new piece of equipment. That means your cart needs space and capacity for everything you need.
If you’re carrying around computers and photography equipment, you need a cart that is designed to hold it all without problems. We suggest looking for a mobile cart workstation with a payload capacity well above the weight of your equipment, just in case.
Aside from the main tools of the trade, your cart needs space for your battery backup, tower, or whatever other components your work requires. You may also want to consider combo locking drawers for storing valuables.

3. A Place to Mount Monitors

Some carts are better for mounting monitors than others. It’s a good idea to make sure the cart you choose can fit the type of monitor(s) you use on the job.
Both the Apollo and Deploy cart workstations come with integrated accessory mounts that you can use to mount accessories like monitors or RF transmission equipment. These mobile cart workstations also come with crossbars which you can use to mount cable hooks and whatever other accessories will help with your workflow.

4. Easy Assembly

You don’t want to spend too much time setting up your mobile cart workstation before a job. Ideally, you want to be able to set up in minutes, by yourself, and without any tools.
Before buying a cart, look for an assembly video or ask someone to demo how to set it up. Make sure the process is something you can learn to do comfortably and quickly when you’re on a tight time frame.

5. Portability

Maybe this goes without saying, but your mobile cart workstation needs to be, well, mobile. You need to be able to move it around not just after setting it up on set, but also between sets, in cars, and on planes.
Some mobile cart workstations are designed to collapse or transform into a rolling flight case. It’s a good idea to think about how you will need to transport your mobile cart workstation before you buy it.

6. Keyboard access

If you use computers as part of your workflow, you likely use a keyboard, too. Don’t forget to make sure your cart provides space for your keyboard.
Accessibility to your keyboard on the top shelf is incredibly important if you want to avoid health problems like carpal tunnel in the long run. We recommend choosing a mobile cart workstation that has a keyboard friendly top shelf, usually in the form of a cutout or hinged side-panel that provides you with direct access to your keyboard.

7. Maneuverability

Your mobile cart workstation should be easy to maneuver wherever you work, whether that’s in tight corners, inconsistent floor surfaces, or confined areas. If most of your work takes place in a studio setting and weight is not of most importance, then you can go with a heavy duty cart, although a lightweight cart may be better for outdoor and travel-type work.
Check that the cart you’re buying has durable wheels, a sufficiently compact footprint, and brakes to keep your equipment from rolling away from your work area.

8. Bonus: Foldable Side Wings

You’re not mobile if you can’t fit through doors. At the same time, sometimes you just need a larger workspace than a typical cart would give you.
Some mobile cart workstations include side wings that fold down, allowing you to move through narrow spaces without sacrificing on working surface space. Side wings are a great option if you often need a bit more space to work with.

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