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Ambassador Profile: Director of Photography Ade Ogunnaike

Ambassador Profile: Director of Photography Ade Ogunnaike

Ade Ogunnaike is a Nashville-based filmmaker and co-founder of BLK Creative Studio, a production agency that helps brands tell their unique stories by leveraging the expertise of their diverse and talented creative team. After a career in investment banking, Ade left his old life behind to pursue his passion for storytelling. The agency has since produced award-winning work for a variety of clients, including Apple, PAPER, and the GRAMMY Music Education Coalition.

Tell us a bit about your background and how you got started?

I'm a commercial filmmaker based in Nashville, Tennessee. I got my start in film about 4-5 years ago. I come from a polar-opposite career (ex-Investment Banking), and I've always had the need to do something more creative. The drive to tell stories

What are some of your favorite INOVATIV products that you currently own and why?

My favorite bit of gear to date is my Voyager 42 NXT workstation; I love how modular it is for any workflow my team engages in, from Camera Prep, Storage, Video Village + Focus Puller nest; our production typically revolves around this cart which makes it essential.

Can you share some specific examples of how INOVATIV gear has helped you overcome challenges or achieve exceptional results?

There have been countless situations where the INOVATIV workstation has helped us on set - particularly when we are on a time crunch moving from location to location. Working essentially as a mobile production hub, we have been able to make complex company moves with all the camera gear and focus puller's kit intact thanks to the Camera Mount and 5/8" Baby Pin Systems.

How do you customize your INOVATIV setup to meet the unique demands of your work?

There are 2 typical ways our workstation is setup before and during a shoot:

  1. Prep & Load-In: The team typically has the INOVATIV Camera Mount Attached and and either an INOVATIV Mast Riser or Baby Pin System to hold a monitor in order to build the camera and test wireless feed respectively. This build would also be used to load-in essential equipment to set.
  1. On Set: We have the same attachments as we have in prep, if the camera is on a tripod or with a Steadicam Operator, we would replace the INOVATIV Camera Mount with a Mast Riser to hold a production monitor and on the other end, install the Baby Pin System for the focus puller to set up their monitor.

What advice would you give to aspiring professionals?

  1. Make mistakes early.
  2. Even the most experienced professionals get nervous, the trick is how to master your anxiety.

When you're not working on projects, how do you like to recharge and find inspiration for your next creative endeavor?

To get inspired I typically try to watch Director's roundtable discussions to get insights on their approach to film.

What are you currently working on?

I'm currently working on some long form documentary work in the political space.

To learn more about BLK Creative Studio and check out Ade’s work, be sure to visit their website. You can also stay up to date with his latest projects by following him on Instagram at @visualsbyade and @blkcreative.studio.

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