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INOVATIV Stories: Photographer Jon Cahill Gets Organized with DigiSystem

INOVATIV Stories: Photographer Jon Cahill Gets Organized with DigiSystem

Jon Cahill's passion for photography has been a constant in his life since the late 1990s. As he delved into the real estate photography market, he quickly realized the importance of streamlining his organization and workflow, particularly when engaging directly with clients. In his quest to deliver exceptional services and effectively demonstrate the value of his work, Jon embarked on a search for the perfect solution that would not only meet his needs but also exude a professional aesthetic. It was during this journey that he stumbled upon INOVATIV.

 “Efficiency was key in order to make the best use of my time, while also showing the value of my services to clients.”

As Jon's photography services expanded to include interior designers, he realized the limitations of using conventional bags like messenger bags, backpacks, or tote bags to transport his gear. These options not only hindered his organization but also failed to convey a professional image with his new clients. Determined to maximize his time and effectively showcase his services, Jon sought out a game-changing solution: the DigiSystem. This innovative tool offered unrivaled efficiency and elevated Jon's on-site presence while doing so. With the introduction of the DigiSystem, Jon experienced a transformative turning point in his workflow. It provided him with a streamlined approach to organization, ensuring that each essential piece of equipment had a designated place within his case. The days of disarray and wasted time were now behind him.

One of the key advantages of the DigiSystem was its ability to offer clients a real-time glimpse into Jon's creative process. Equipped with the DigiPlate, which securely housed his laptop, Jon could effortlessly share live previews of his work. This feature not only instilled confidence in clients but also allowed them to actively participate in decision-making, creating a collaborative experience that bridged the gap between vision and execution.

“Often the plate has legs attached, even while stored in the case, so that I can easily move the camera and laptop while retaining the tether connection.”

Jon's commitment to optimizing his workflow proved invaluable during a recent interior designer job that required cooperation with a TV crew. Equipped with his DigiSystem and a rented Voyager EVO X, he consolidated his equipment into a mobile solution that remained inconspicuous to the crew. This seamless integration impressed both the client and the TV crew, resulting in an exemplary collaborative project. The success of this endeavor paved the way for multiple future shoots, solidifying Jon's reputation in the industry.

“[Both] the TV crew and my client were pleased with how seamless everything went; so much so that over half a dozen more similarly executed shoots were booked [as well].”

Equipped with INOVATIV gear, Jon experienced newfound freedom and confidence. Moving effortlessly between locations, he no longer worried about forgetting crucial items or compromising his professionalism. The impact of INOVATIV gear on Jon's workflow allowed him to exceed client expectations consistently, driving his professional growth and establishing a reputation built on excellence.

Jon Cahill's success story exemplifies the transformative power of INOVATIV gear in the realm of photography. With a commitment to efficiency, organization, and real-time client engagement, Jon unlocked his creative potential and forged seamless collaborations. By embracing INOVATIV, photographers can embark on a similar journey, optimizing their workflows and elevating their artistry to new heights.

“I have been able to quickly move my kit around without any anxiety of how I look or if I forgot something. Seeing a client's expressions when I setup and teardown never gets old. INOVATIV gear has allowed my reputation to grow [and is] without a doubt the single most important aspect to my growth today.”

If you want to see more of Jon’s work or stay up to date on his latest adventures, make sure to follow him on Instagram and visit his website to learn more.