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DigiSystems Workflow - Walker Anderson

DigiSystems Workflow - Walker Anderson

DigiSystems Workflow

Meet Walker Anderson

Photographer and Digitech

Instagram: @waphoto

“I have been a tech for 4 years and working in the industry for 7.

I mostly work as a tech on commercial stills shoots but I do DIT commercial video work as well. I also work as a photo assistant and grip/gaff. I am also a photographer but am working my way through the ranks before going after more serious work.

My most memorable work moments are any time I get to travel with friends/colleagues.

Getting to be with people I like and do the things we enjoy makes being in this industry truly enjoyable. Also working with my gear that I have put a lot of time and love into in some of this country’s most beautiful locations provides true job satisfaction.

I always love to share any DIY modifications or workstation setups; there are so many fantastic people in the industry and seeing the way they do things always gives me inspiration, I hope some of what I do can give that same inspiration back.”

DigiPlate Pro with DigiShade Pro and the DigiCase. I also have an INOVATIV Scout 37 with a Baby Pin System and BOA arm

The DigiCase system is my workhorse; I can travel with it easily and I know when I go to work I will be ready for anything I can be faced with. I can go from a super lightweight setup with just the case or go to my biggest cart setup with multiple monitors and it just fits in perfectly.

The Scout 37 gives me a perfect platform where I can put a solid mac pro setup with up to 3 monitors and just roll into any studio or commercial workspace and be unobtrusive and professional. I can also roll straight up to a ticketing counter at the airport and blow the ticketing agent's mind when I fold it all up and get ready to head to wherever I’m working.”

How To Arrange Your DigiCase

“Currently In the bottom of my DigiCase I have a power inlet attached to a power strip, I keep my laptop and omnicharge battery plugged in so I can charge them while the case is closed and also keeping a cleaner work area while using the system. I also have a small thinktank bag where I can keep anything I may need during a job like the Stand adapter for the DigiCase, tape, sharpies, etc. I also have a shoulder harness with quick clips, the female ends are on my digiplate, I can throw this on and be able to wear my digiplate so I can walk with the photographer while they are shooting.

This product has really made my workflow what it is. I had worked with photographers when I first started assisting that used seaport cases and other diy solutions, I first started seeing the DigiPlates and knew that they were the best way to go. After I got my DigiPlate the INOVATIV workstation carts started rolling out and the whole ecosystem really fleshed out so my workflow just expanded to what it is now.

The DigiCase is a must-have for sure, I can do so many different things with it and know I will be able to do a good job with it. The DigiHanger is also great, I can route a tether cable through it for cable relief and also clip this to it so keep close by. Another piece of equipment that is a must-have, which I’m stoked INOVATIV is now carrying the RoboCup; out of all the cool things I have on my biggest setup, the RoboCup is always what people get excited to see. I can keep all of my drinks in a safe place and even
use the holder for other things I don’t want to put on the ground. It’s such a great design and AJ is the nicest guy, always happy to see what his product is doing and share with everyone.”

Advice For Creatives

“To anyone else working as a tech or even photographers trying to figure out their own system, there are so many good people working that love to talk about gear and these systems. You can always reach out and ask questions, I love posting photos of my kit and having people ask me about the little things, I’m always happy to give advice and I know there are a lot of others that will do the same thing.”