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Interview: Natalia Weedy on the Voyager EVO X

Interview: Natalia Weedy on the Voyager EVO X

Natalia Weedy is a professional director and photographer who uses the Voyager EVO X for a wide variety of projects with her team. As a freelance photographer since 2007 and a member of Cowboy Collective, the production and creative services company she helped to found in 2020, Natalia sees the world through the lens of a storyteller. 

In addition to corporate and agency commissions, her immersive photography has captured the landscapes of Southeast Asia, the dinner table of her own extended family in Chile, the delicate portraiture of coconut farmers in Panama, and the mountains and coast of her home state of North Carolina.

We had a Q&A with Natalia about her experience with the Voyager EVO X cart workstation and other INOVATIV products that have improved her team’s workflow.

How do you use your Voyager EVO X?

It’s our go-to cart for everything. We use it largely as a digitech station, but it also holds its own on shoots where we don’t have a digitech. We use it as a camera cart, and to schlep gear, lights, stands, and anything else we need. 

Basically, the EVO X contains multitudes. It’s an extremely versatile tool that makes our lives easier on a daily basis. 

We do have a few other carts. One is a custom-made steel grip cart; it’s wonderful, but it’s also super heavy. And then we’ve been using [another brand’s cart] for years and years—so it’s familiar, but it’s pretty flimsy. [The EVO X] strikes the balance we need: it’s lightweight and agile, but also tough. So it’s a super-portable workhorse that comes with us everywhere.

What are your favorite Voyager EVO X features?

We were initially intrigued by the EVO X as a tech station for still photography. In that realm, our favorite features are how easy it is to maneuver, its smooth movement, and its capacity for loading up all of our gear. It’s so versatile. 

Now that we’ve been using it regularly for a while, we're starting to nerd out with additional attachments that help us fine-tune it for more specific use cases. For instance, we’ve configured two Baby Pin Systems on each long side of the cart. And we're using that not only to utilize the Baby Pin, but also to carry light stands. So we’re finding new ways to use the EVO X all the time.

We’re also seeing benefits in our efficiency on set. We operate all of our carts out of a cargo van where we can have everything really nicely packed and accessible. Our load-in and load-out times are at an all-time low now. We did a shoot yesterday, and we wrapped up in fifteen minutes! Before the EVO X, it would've taken an hour.

So that's the Baby Pin system. What about the QR system and the Pro Monitor Mount? Have those changed your workflow?

The QR System really helps us in terms of packing the monitor. Because we can create such a lean profile with just the V-Mount plate on it, we can pack two 27” monitors in one Pelican case.

Are there any other accessories that you use with your Voyager EVO X?

We've got two DigiSystem 1535 Pro Ultra Kits, which allows us to work in different team configurations—for example, we can have multiple techs on multiple shoots, or two techs on one shoot.

Our tech setup is always shifting to adapt to the needs of a particular shoot. Sometimes we'll run two 27-inch monitors. Sometimes we'll only run iPads. And sometimes we just have a laptop on sticks.

I recently photographed a portrait project for a national client. Their creative teams were in Brazil and New York, and we were shooting in Charlotte. I had a tech in the room with me, and then I had another tech in the room with the client, facilitating the streaming and retouching onsite as well. So, that was one situation where we were able to have two techs on the same set, even at a distance—putting all of our INOVATIV gear to work in a creative, adaptive way.

What is your favorite project that you've worked on since you started using INOVATIV products?

I grew up in North Carolina and recently captured a tourism campaign for my home state, which was a dream come true. I directed video and shot photos for Visit North Carolina in order to showcase NC’s diverse landscape, population, and lifestyle activities. We worked with two techs per day, and they constantly relied on the EVO X’s mobility, capacity, ruggedness, and ability to fit into tight spaces. 

Our INOVATIV gear has been crucial to our workflow in some logistically challenging locations, including the mechanic’s bay shooting for Mercedes-Benz and in a plane cabin shooting for Delta Air Lines.

Do you have any advice you would give to other creatives?

I work with folks of all skill levels, and I take pride in being able to pass along the things I’ve learned along the way. I think it's something that's super important, to give back once you have a certain amount of experience yourself. The advice that's been most impactful for me: don't be afraid to make mistakes, because that’s how you learn and grow.

Of course, making mistakes can also be a huge bummer when there’s a lot on the line! So I also recommend building an experienced team and a network of creative collaborators that will support you along the way.

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The Voyager EVO X is the next generation of the EVO, INOVATIV’s most agile and travel-ready equipment cart. With its lightweight, portable, and slim profile, you can quickly pack and transport all your equipment in the back of a compact car or small SUV.

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