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Ambassador Profile: Steadicam Operator and Instructor Koon W. Ya-inta

Ambassador Profile: Steadicam Operator and Instructor Koon W. Ya-inta

From picking up a camera at the age of 17 to pursuing his passion for motion pictures and earning a bachelor's degree in film, Koon W. Ya-inta has since established a successful career as an SOC and ACO affiliated steadicam operator. In this interview Koon discusses how his legacy Scout 31 and Voyager 36 EVO X have transformed the way he works, the invaluable role of INOVATIV gear in overcoming challenges, and how he achieves exceptional results to meet the unique demands of his industry.

INOVATIV Ambassador Koon W. Ya-inta

Tell us a bit about your background and how you got started?

I picked up my dad’s camera when I was 17 - and that’s when the journey began. I fell in love with it and began to expand my interest into motion pictures. I went to a film school and have been working since.

What are some of your favorite INOVATIV products that you currently own and why?

I own two carts. The first INOVATIV cart I purchased was the Scout 31. It’s really compact and still answers all my needs when I want a small footprint on set. My second cart is the Voyager 36 EVO X. It’s the best of both worlds. Compact yet spacious enough to support all my gear. Great for the Steadicam System and Camera Mount System. I’m glad that I have both carts. They really change and shape the way I work.

Can you share some specific examples of how INOVATIV gear has helped you overcome challenges or achieve exceptional results?

Having a proper workstation on the set is essential. With how often I have to roll my cart around locations in Thailand, I can trust that my workstation will roll smoothly and keep my gear secure on rough terrains. The cart supports every bit of my Steadicam rig. I park the cart, deploy my Steadicam rig in seconds, and shoot. Plus, it’s 100% collapsible. Saves space in my SUV’s cargo.

How do you customize your INOVATIV setup to meet the unique demands of your work?

I have a Steadicam System on, a mast with Mitchell Camera Mount System for my ARRI geared head on the other side. I also have the Stand Hanger for my Steadicam stand.

What advice would you give to aspiring professionals?

Keep grinding, keep learning new skills, expand your connections, be nice to everyone on set, and make sure you drink enough water…you might as well drink now.

When you're not working on projects, how do you like to recharge and find inspiration for your next creative endeavor? 

Lately I've been diving into product engineering and manufacturing as a hobby but I’d like to make it a side hustle. I like to design stuff that eases my life at work. I have a CNC milling lathe machine right in my living room. So whenever I’m free I just hangout there to design and make stuff. Check out my IG!

What are you currently working on?

I encourage film production folks to come shoot here in Bangkok, Thailand. We’ve been doing major features and TV shows here (Shantaram, Ms. Marvel, The Creator, The Meg 2, No Escape, Kate, Flight Attendant S1, etc). We have talented crews, amazing locations, and great food. What more could you want?

To learn more about Koon and YA-INTA Cinema Gear Engineering, be sure to visit their website. You can also stay up to date with their latest projects and explore some remarkable behind-the-scenes content by following them on Instagram at @koon_cine.

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