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INOVATIV Stories: Seasoned DP Greg Ephraim Maximizes the Versatility of the AXIS and Voyager EVO X

INOVATIV Stories: Seasoned DP Greg Ephraim Maximizes the Versatility of the AXIS and Voyager EVO X

Meet Greg Ephraim, a seasoned DP who prides himself on being organized and efficient on set. With a wealth of experience spanning commercials, music videos, features, reality competitions, and scripted television, Greg has honed his skills over the years. For the past eight years, he has focused on perfecting his gimbal operation and is now working on ARRI Trinity and Steadicam operating as well. As the complexity of his projects increases, Greg relies on his vast array of tools to keep his workflow streamlined and the workload manageable. 

His fleet of equipment includes the Voyager EVO X 42, Voyager EVO X 30, and AXIS Station, each with its unique purpose. When he's working on live TV shoots where space is at a premium, he turns to the Voyager EVO X 30, which is compact, easy to transport and set up.

“When I want to be really light and don’t have much space, I’ll bring the [Voyager EVO X] 30.”A INOVATIV Voyager EVO X loaded up with gear and accessories.When working on larger shoots that require more flexibility, Greg turns to his trusted Voyager EVO X 42 cart, which can be tailored with a range of accessories to suit his specific needs. Among his top picks is the Baby Pin System, thanks to its unparalleled versatility as a mounting platform for his Easyrig Stabil G2, monitors, umbrellas, and other vital items. Greg always makes sure to have at least one Baby Pin System on his workstation for added convenience.

For days when he plans to go handheld, he never forgets his Camera Mount System, which he considers an absolute essential. On the other hand, when he's on Trinity duty, he relies on the Steadicam System, which is not only crucial for his work, but also versatile enough to accommodate other vests and Easy Rigs. In addition, he swears by the Stand Hanger, which is capable of holding his AXIS stand, Steadicam, or any other item that can be hung on a hook - even a snack bag. However, Greg knows that when working in tight spaces, it's best to keep his gear to a minimum to ensure that the cart remains compact and his view unobstructed.

“[The Voyager EVO X 42] is just the right size for me where I have enough room to work [plus] the space needed to load it with juuuuust enough gear.”

The AXIS Station, on the other hand, serves as a helpful auxiliary station, ideal for remote docking and locations where a full-sized cart is impractical.
As a DP who frequently juggles different types of jobs, Greg knows the importance of having a versatile and adaptable workstation. This is why he relies on INOVATIV workstations, which allow him to customize his setup for each job and keep his cart “light and tight”.
An INOVATIV AXIS System supporting a stabilizer and an INOVATIV Voyager EVO X loaded up with gear and accessories.

“Having a fine-tuned cart that is efficient and adaptable, well, that's how I like to work, and that's how I like everything around me to work as well.”

Greg notes, “Coming from a family of engineers, I think it is in my blood to stay organized and efficient.” He understands the value of a dependable camera cart, which serves as the cornerstone of his on-set workflow. The cart is not only functional, but also personalized and comfortable, providing a welcome respite after long takes operating a gimbal. For Greg, the cart is more than just a tool; it's a comforting “on-set oasis” where he can recharge and prepare for the next shot. “After long takes, coming back to dock at the cart is a sigh of relief for me.” The cart's smooth transport and ease of use have also earned the admiration of his AC's, and has become the go-to gathering spot for his crew, fondly referred to as their "water cooler."
A person taking a break beneath an umbrella attached to an INOVATIV Voyager EVO X and Greg operating a stabilizer.

“In the end, it’s important to me to have equipment that I know just works.”

Greg credits his experience with INOVATIV workstations as a “game-changer”. With their efficiency, reliability, and adaptability, they have allowed him to remain focused on his craft and consistently deliver superior results for his clients. In a competitive industry where every second counts, INOVATIV's workstations have proven to be a valuable investment that gives Greg an edge in delivering top-notch work.

“With adding INOVATIV to my gear roster, it’s another thing I don’t have to worry about. It’s there for me. We have enough to do and deal with on set. Anything that makes your day easier is worth every penny in the long run.”

If you want to see more of Greg's work or stay up to date on his latest adventures, make sure to follow him on Instagram and visit his website to learn more.